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Promoting a brand

When the British Tourist Authority reinvented itself as Visit Britain I was part of the freelance team drafted in to compile new brochures.

I conducted research and wrote articles on everything from historic pubs and quirky traditions to long-distance walks and national parks. Capturing the essence of the new brand was paramount. Vivid, evocative copy had to leap from every page.

Conveying information

Business and employment . . . public transport . . . entertainment . . . shopping . . .

For many years, the opening pages of Thomson Local Directories contained an area guide and I was responsible for eight of these. The aim was to provide a succinct overview of local assets and facilities. For each annual edition I had to supply fresh, new copy — quite a challenge as the years rolled by!

Generating sales

  • The product catalogue of cable management manufacturer, Rehau.
  • The script of a telephone hotline set up for school students at exam time by Letts Educational,
    leading provider of revision guides.

Two very different products. Two very different target markets. But the objective was the same. To make people sit up and take notice, then put their hands in their pockets and buy.

Providing a lucid explanation

The operating manual for an oxygen concentrator manufactured by Vitalair, for patients to use in their own homes.

What these readers wanted were facts, laid out in logical sections for ease of reference, with each procedure explained in simple-to-follow steps.

Supporting a recruitment drive

Short features for a magazine produced by the Teacher Training Agency to entice former teachers back into the profession.

This required an upbeat approach. Intelligent. Informative. Reassuring. When you've been away from the classroom for a while, lack of confidence can be a major deterrent to any prospect of return.

Inspiring confidence and trust

A case study for inclusion in the corporate magazine of management consultancy, The Coverdale Organisation.

The target audience were senior executives who might benefit from Coverdale's services The tone was serious and authoritative, the content examined the issues in depth.

Examples | Press Releases