Alison Thomas

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As a journalist, I have written for a huge variety of publications and tailor my work to suit the unique profile of each one.

It's a skill that is equally crucial in copywriting. What is the objective of the publication? Who is the target reader and what does the organisation want that person to do? What sort of headline is likely to attract the ideal customer? Should the copy demonstrate intellectual rigour or are simplicity and clarity the key?

My Experience

Working both independently and for copywriting organisations I have . . .

  • provided web content for a diverse range of businesses
  • created copy for brochures and manuals
  • composed letters, drafted official forms and documents, edited staff handbooks
  • written articles for an in-house company magazine
  • contributed case studies to an authoritative guide for exporters and an academic business textbook

Clients have ranged from high-profile companies like the BBC, NatWest and the RAC to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Examples | Press Releases