Alison Thomas

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As a journalist, I have written for a huge variety of publications and tailor my work to suit the unique character of each and every one.

It's a skill that pays off handsomely in the world of copywriting. What's the objective? Who's expected to read what I write? What image does the company want to project? Should I be penning eye-catching headlines and arresting text? Are clarity and concision the name of the game?

My Experience

Working both independently and for copywriting organisations I have . . .

  • provided web content for a diverse range of businesses
  • created copy for brochures and manuals
  • composed letters, drafted official forms and documents, edited staff handbooks
  • written articles for an in-house company magazine
  • contributed case studies to an authoritative guide for exporters and an academic business textbook

Clients have ranged from high-profile companies like the BBC, NatWest and the RAC to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Examples | Press Releases